Let’s talk love


❛Pure love is the willingness to give everything without expecting anything…❜

Love is so complicated, isn’t it?

Most of us are drenched into its complexities, aren’t we?

Let us all agree on this that we find love a terribly tangled emotion to handle. Why am I even bothered with anything that turns out to be so jumbled? “Argh! That’s so many questions with very little answers” you’d say.

Well, talking about this generation (me being a part of it) I have always felt that the generation has completely changed the dimensions of love. With a ton of materialism gradually entering ourselves, love is bound to lose its charm as quickly as possible.

You see, social media seems to be extremely interested to keep ourselves drifting apart socially while propelling love to move towards deep, dark loneliness. Take a minute and just think about it. Have similar thoughts?

One night as similar thoughts began gaining some momentum, I had made one thing clear; very clear. I would go on a quest for understanding and redefining love. I know, I know this sounds too Bollywoodish to clarify my point but I had to clear off any confusions into thin air before they become uncontrollable.

To be very honest, I had never expected to find answers to my questions so swiftly. A simple, unplanned encounter would help me revisit love, ruminate my thoughts over an unparalleled, exquisite emotion; an emotion that holds enough power to reunite every soul on the planet with a lot of compassion.

We had some guests that particular day. One talk led to another regarding career, politics, and life. As darkness encompassed the skies, I could feel a sudden drain of energy gushing out of my conscious during the hearty chat.

When I entered the kitchen to sip on some cool water, I could smell wonderful flavors transpiring from the lovely cuisine made by mom for a special dinner. I could see her giving some final taste checks to the freshly prepared meal.

While she was doing her cooking she asked me to bring some dessert. It is an Indian norm of serving something sweet to your guests, right? So, I did go to the nearest shop selling delicious sweets to buy some mouth-watering, glacé and tasty gulabjamuns. 

As I entered the shop, I quickly placed my order desperately waiting for the attendant to pack the gulabjamuns so that I could reach home quickly to get my hunger satisfied. It seemed like it would take a couple of more minutes for the packing which gave me a good chance to glance around the store, observing its striking setting.
My eyes settled on two kids- a girl and a boy along with their dad near an irresistible chocolate section at the corner of the store. The girl seemed to be a bit elder than the boy, to be precise it clearly seemed that both of them were siblings.
As you may expect, this tiny looking boy was throwing colossal tantrums. With his fingers lay on the most expensive chocolate, he frustratingly asked for it while the girl stood there silently chuckling at her brother.
After I saw his funny requests I switched my attention towards his dad; a man in his 30’s frantically searching his pockets for money enough to fulfill his child’s ‘dear’ request.
A bunch of question marks ran past his face the moment he took out his exhausted wallet. Maybe he didn’t have enough money? Or, maybe he didn’t find it worth spending so much on a chocolate?

Instead, as kind as dads are, he bought two affordable chocolate wafers for the girl and the little guy. Knowing his requests had failed, the boy was in complete tears. His gestures spoke that the entire world had come for a complete standstill for him at the moment.

Before tears could flood his face, his sister came to him and said in a kind, loving tone, “Don’t worry. You can have mine too. I won’t tell dad about this.” Saying this she gave away her chocolate! That’s love blended with a lot of sacrifice in its best, purest and rarest form.

Neither did she click a photo nor did she ask for anything in return. All she wished was her brother’s happy face. You could see sterling affection towards her sibling in her beautiful, sparkling eyes. Again that’s love!
As I said earlier, most of us out there seem to have changed every dimension of love. Arrogance, bias, and choices have left no stone unturned to contaminate this incredible emotion.
Love seems to be a hell lot more than just ‘butterflies in the stomach’. It is a lot more than ‘The Valentines Week’. And of course, it is a lot more than ‘social media showcasing’.

Why are we in the race, sprinting so hard to set love on fire? Is this all we want today? Each one around seems to have decided their own interpretations for love. I am not saying if that’s right or wrong. Let us be the judge for ourselves. Are we exploiting love, squeezing it until it withers and dies off?
Sometimes, I doubt if this was the gift sent by the Divine. I guess we need to recreate and kindle the warmth into our souls which it has always desired for. It is time for us to start thinking where all this began and why.
Right from your mom cooking great stuff for you to dad entertaining your opinions, every moment contains love beyond the expression of words. We should start weaving our bonds with love once again, shouldn’t we? What do you think?

*By Ajinkya Kawale
Hello! I am Ajinkya Kawale currently studying
Journalism and Mass Communication at DYPIU.
I have always loved writing down my experiences.
I feel words are a great way to express ourselves!


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