Livelihood is woven yarn by yarn


Commemorating the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and his becoming the honorary member of the IMC, IMC celebrated the IMC day on 15 June.

On this occasion justice Dharmadhikari and   Dr Lalit Kanojia,President IMC handed over the substantial amount cheque of Rs 19.05 lakhs  donated by IMC to   Vinai Kumar Saxena, Chairman KVIC.  This modest donation of Rs. 19.05 lakhs from IMC   would build self-reliance to many artisans and sustain their families for life.

Vinai   Kumar Saxena , Chairman KVIC who initiated this noble cause of Charkha donation reiterated  that over a million artisans living in rural India, predominantly women, aspire for one single instrumental possession – charkha , which can empower them to spin the khadi yarn and sustain the family.    And when they are enabled to spin a yarn, it gives ability to the whole family to spin the life with the meagre amount of Rs, 15000/ for a single charkha. Speaking on cultural value of khadi he said that khadi has humanness, and it’s our duty to protect and promote this fabric as it is also lifeline of our artisans.

Justice Dharmadhikari Chief guest said that khadi is a philosophy which needs to be strengthened and further promoted in present days . Besides gaining employment to millions the use of khadi is national necessity as it protects the environment in no small manner.


Lalit Kanodia, President, IMC Chambers of Commerce speaking on this occasion said IMC is blessed to have patronage of Gandhi Ji for his honorary membership with IMC.

Usha Thakkar , President, Mani Bhavan , Yogesh Kadar and Sandhya Meta shared her page of the book “Gandhiji in Mumbai towards Swaraj ” they also shared many momentos decision taken in Bombay by Gandhiji.

On this IMC president IMC sharing his views on khadi said khadi is close to their hearts.

IMC also felicitated best spinner Ms Kalpana Cinnamadlu from Andhra Pradesh who is spinning since the age of 16.she is now 65 years old and completely satisfied with her work.

Further to promote khadi, IMC and KVIC are also jointly  organizing two days exhibition  of premier products of KVI sector at Bajaj Bhavan, Nariman point, Mumbai on 16th and 17th June 2018. The exhibition will include products polyvastra garments, patola silk sarees, herbal and agro products, leather products, household article and garment accessories.



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