More than 4.5 crore citizens have visited


More than 4.5 crore citizens so far have visited the site and more than 46 lakh have registered themselves since its launch in 2014, according to  CEO Gaurav Dwivedi. He informed that the site is the biggest interactive digital forum, created at the instructions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He revealed this in a local channel interview ‘IT Icon with Sarman Nagele.

He informed that the portal provides such facilities to the citizens of the world’s largest democratic country so that they can express their ideas and give suggestions using the platform.

People can share their thoughts ten days before Prime Minister’s Man Ki Baat through using the toll-free number or mobile app of the site. He said that Google, Facebook, Twitter users can also participate in the site from their log-in and can also share information in any language.

Responding to a query on the operation of the portal, he said that the biggest challenge is the mind set. The Government of India is committed to overcome it and is encouraging people.

He gave detailed information about the operation of the site, saying that it is part of Digital India campaign. He said that the site connects citizens to the activities of the governance. The portal creates policies according to the needs of the people.

Dwivedi informed that the portal provides information about the schemes of the government to the public, the services of the portal have been offered to the states so that it can expand in all the states. He explained that the ten thousand visits are accounted per day. Besides, millions follow it on social media.


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