Mumbai Traffic Police to distribute compression socks to police personnel


Capital First, AN NBFC, has partnered with The Mumbai Traffic Police for compression socks distribution initiative amongst the police personnel. The Mumbai Traffic Police, while they’re on civic duty across the roads and at various traffic junctions has to commit long standing hours, as a result of which they end up having tired legs. This in turn in the long run causes various health related issues such as swollen/tired/aching legs and varicose veins.

Being responsive to the hardships faced by our forces, Capital First Limited has taken the initiative at addressing the problems faced by Mumbai Traffic Police force for proactively giving them some relief so as to enhance their leg wellness and enabling them to lead a better quality of life during their work hours by providing them with Compression Socks. The benefits accrued from compression socks are:

Veins in the legs send blood back to the heart through a series of valves that open and close with muscle contraction preventing backward flow of blood. A multitude of problems; such as age, disease, heredity, obesity, as well as prolonged sitting or standing can cause these valves to malfunction; thus allowing blood to pool/coagulate in the lower legs. The result is pain, swelling and stagnation of blood. Application of graduated compression socks helps the vein to empty thickening of blood and assists the return of blood to the heart, relieving tired/aching legs and other critical health problems of legs like varicose veins.

Speaking on the initiative, Nihal Desai, Executive Director – Capital First said, “Capital First is deeply committed to the communities that it serves. As a responsible Corporate Citizen, we are honoured to have joined hands with the Traffic Police in Mumbai to raise awareness on how to safeguard the officer’s health from long work hours.”

The function was presided by Amitesh Kumar, Joint Commissioner of Police at the Traffic Police Headquarters, held today. Also present at the function were, DCP Traffic Sanjay Jadhav , DCP Traffic Ashok Dudhe DCP Traffic Saurabh Tripathi, other dignitaries, distinguished guests from the Mumbai Traffic Police, along with senior officials from

Capital First Limited. The aim was to educate users about the ill-effects of long standing efforts that the officials put into their daily work routine.

Amitesh Kumar, Joint Commissioner of Mumbai Police (Traffice), lauded the proactive initiatives taken by Capital First and the awareness being raised at giving back to the communities especially for our valiant Mumbai Traffic Police who selflessly serve the society and restore civic sense and order.

Welcoming the compression socks-donation drive by Capital First, Amitesh Kumar said, “We welcome the wonderful initiative by Capital First for distributing this necessary utility and urge other corporates to come forward and support the city police in various other measures.”


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