You must be calorie conscious to avoid obesity: Dr Sharad Sharma


Corporate culture of food has come now which was not there earlier. These foods are good in that they are spicy and full of mouth-watering ingredients. The only problem that these foods acutely lack nutritious elements.

“It is this mismatch in our food habit which has led to remarkable increase in the menace of obesity in the country,” says Dr Sharad Sharma, who runs Centre for Obesity Surgery & Metabolic Cure in Navi Mumbai and a consultant surgeon for Fortis Hospital in Vashi (Navi Mumbai).

According to Dr Sharma, Corporate culture of food was catching up vary fast in the country. Forget urban areas, corporate foods have even entered into rural and semi utban parts of the country too. Today’s youth go gaga over Western foods like Burger, Sandwiches and Pizzas. These foods are not only delicious but available at an affordable rate too.  The only matter of concern being that they acutely lack nutritious qualities, says the Doctor.

Another aspect associated with this food was that they may be high in quality, but very poor on the front of nutritious value, he said.

“We Indians do not tolerate calories the current corporate foods are full of which. We must know that we belong to an agriculture-specific country and that our body is not ready to digest the western food which are available around us, Dr Sharma said.

India is world’s No 3 obese country. It is despite the fact that number of obese persons living in India was merely 20 per cent of its population, which was much less than that of US where 60 per cent people are obese. The simple reason behind this startling fact was the huge population India was having, he said.

When it comes to the yardstick of obese, in India it was 27.5 BMI (body mass index), whereas it was 30 in the USA. This is because of the fact that the difference in gene. Similarly, you get diabetic when you are obese in the UA. In contrast, one can be a diabetic even without being an obese.

Why more and more people from across the world are heading towards India for bariatric surgery so as to lose weight? The simple reason, Dr Sharma says, is that the operation costs merely USD 6000 in India, which goes as high as USD 20000 in the USA.


Still, the hard fact remains that India was going for only 15-20000 bariatric surgeries per annum, which was as high as 2,00,000. “It was because of the fact that there was insurance coverage available for such surgeries in the country,” Dr Sharma feels.

“In fact, it is here the government can do something by making such insurance scheme as part of the ongoing PMJDY,” Dr Sharma said.


According to him, obesity is not a fault of the people always. Rather it was also due to some genetic disorder. He also said that females are more prone to obesity as they spend most of their times within the four walls of India.

Dr Sharma advises to avoid obesity, one must have food with less calorie, lead a healthy lifestyle and above all, one must be calorie conscious.



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