Need of joint action against terrorism


The world we are living in is becoming very dangerous because conflicts have made life terrible. From east to west and north to south what we find is mad violence is playing the ugly game frightening men and women on the streets, roads, markets, hotels, schools, universities, cinema halls, parks, and even four walls of residences. Nobody knows where this situation is going to take all of us. Although there is world trade organization, agreed that all the nations have learned to do business with each other ,Every day new contracts are being signed declaring friendship and cooperation among different nations, on the contrary there are groups which are hell bent to create fearsome situation by unnecessarily killing innocent men and women and boys and girls. They are called terrorists and their presence is everywhere. Conflicts in Iraq, Syria, and other parts have worsened so much that hundreds and thousands became homeless. Everyday bombing and fighting among groups have left citizens of these areas with no choice but to leave their beloved nations. Having no other solution they started entering into other neighboring states of Europe as refugees.
This was the time when Poland and other euro nations took harsh stand by refusing to accept them on their land. Under such circumstances Chancellor of Germany Madam Markel showed heart felt sympathy towards and allowed them to enter the land of Germany. Thus, thousands of such refugees got settled there. For time immemorial we have been taught “if you do good you get good reward in return” Germany did not desire anything in return neither wealth nor money it was simple humanitarian consideration to accept them. What Germany did get was a very violent terrorist attack in their Xmas Market; killing twelve of their men and fifty others badly wounded. Merkle was stunned and shocked, and said “This would be particularly sickening for the many, many Germans   work to help refugees everyday and for the many people who really need our help and are making an effort to integrate in our country” Hatred sees no reason; it’s very first casualty always is conscience, logic, dialogue, conversation and love and human feelings. Germans are shocked. It has come to their knowledge that the terrorist who attacked was a seeker of asylum. Common German is forced to think that good deeds return badly.
Not only Germans, entire world also is bound to think twice now before doing anything good for the society or any man or woman in distress and difficulty. Another story of terrorism is most unbelievable. It has happened in Nigeria. In north eastern market of Nigeria two girls of hardly seven and eight years old came in a rickshaw, got down without any feeling, both took calculated steps , entered into the market and blew themselves up wounding seventeen persons seriously. Seven year old babies who had to see this beautiful world with their open eyes left all the scenes behind. Romancing with life is addictive and most pleasing emotion but they instead of giving love to life went on killing themselves just to trouble others. This was the eye opening terrorist attack; at least now world must come forward with some real actions so that this ugly face of hatred is defeated forever. Story of last days of terrorism does not end here .Turkey has witnessed the worst kind of killing. Russian ambassador to the capital Ankara was murdered by one of the terrorists. It is reported that at least four bullets were pumped into his body from behind and he fell on the spot. The terrorist shouted “what has happened in Aleppo and Syria would be held accountable” So, Andrey Kerov, ambassador of Turkey became victim of revenge taking mad and violent terrorists.
This incident tells the world that nobody is safe in today’s dirty world where violence is the weapon. This is the condition and situation of the world today we are living in. What is worrisome is that even now this problem is not being taken seriously by world organization and world leaders. They have released Global Terrorism Index and our nation there is on the 7th place. Group like ISIS, Haqqani, Lashkare, Toyeba Taliban and others are mentioned responsible for almost all the terrorist actions but no strategy has been made. In our nation in the year 2015, seven hundred and ninety seven big and small terror incidents have taken place. We have been consistently asking and demanding United Nations Organization to take an integrated action yet nothing of that sort happens. Every nation thinks from the point of view of her problem. China has refused to declare a terrorist a terrorist in council and has supported Pakistan; the nation, the world knows is a factory of producing terrorists. Although in world forum South China Sea has been declared independent but China is not leaving claim on that. This kind of conflict is seen every where the world over so taking any decision jointly is not possible for the world organization.
India in U.N. Security Council debate has asked to take concrete action against nexus between human trafficking and terrorist’s net works. Our deputy permanent representative in U.N. Security Council Tamanya Lal has said that armed conflicts every where are providing I.S.I.S and Bokoharam to enslave women and children. They are transported to different cities and by force they are made to do whatever terrorists want them to. Girls particularly are exploited and sold in market . It is reported that by doing this trade, terror groups get finance they need to continue their nefarious activities. Our man in world body has clearly demanded that just by attacking terrorists is not enough; this dirty game of trafficking should also be dealt with seriously. India from the last more than fifteen years has been asking the world to come united and give them the real fight , but it seems that nothing in near future is going to happen because on every matter powerful nations are divided in approach and fighting strategy. It is not known how long this problem will remain but we must hope for the best.
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