New Year, New Policies and New President in America


New Year for America and the world has brought new uncalled for problems.  America has not been invaded by any country, nor there is drought or famine-like conditions, no spread of bird flu has gripped yet the election of Donald Trump is the worry of that nation as also the whole of the world. Trump is a new man for politics; throughout his life he never entered into any political event nor behaved like a leader. He is a constructor and builder, plus runs other businesses smoothly and smartly. Politics has come in his life only recently and he is perhaps the first person who jumped at the coveted post of president of the strongest nation, having no political background. Entire world, therefore, is looking at him and his decisions with blend of wonder and fear for whatever happens in America directly or indirectly affects the world economy and the world politics.
Donald Trumps’ win in the election was beyond anybody’s expectation. Americans thought that Hillary Clinton is an experienced lady, having knowledge of good, bad, and ugly situations so her being president of America would be a right selection. So, all eyes were set on her. But she lost and lost to a man who believed in making any statement, anytime and anywhere. This rich candidate for the post of president was not shy of using expletives and worst language during campaign. While attacking he never made any difference between a man and a woman. On that count he believed in gender equality. So he did what he wanted to do, he spoke the language he had in his mind, he took no care of democratic values, and  in the most offensive way addressed American voters. Yet, yes yet, he won and in this new year of 2017 took over post and authority of the President from Barack Obama and immediately after signing papers declared that for him “America Is First”. One may think what is wrong in saying America is first. Leader of any nation speaks the same language. Agreed, but why all start giving ear to this kind of announcement, is because this statement is coming from the strongest and the most powerful nation America. With fifty autonomous states, America all know is not an undeveloped nation, nor a developing one. It is a developed, modern and most advanced centre of trade, commerce, finance, money, and all other world activities. If America hikes interest rates then the world investors start withdrawing money from share markets of different nations only to park their money in the debt market. If there is recession in America then the world market faces demand crunch and money flow also is affected. America is be all and end all of trade and commerce, so whatever happens there gives sleepless nights to others. That is why simple declaration of America first ‘has created ripples in the smooth waters of give and take kind of markets; here, there, and everywhere.
Donald Trump has now taken over and every day world is getting new announcements made by him. He rang Mexico and asked them to construct wall and make payment on their own. One wonders when the typically and politically disputed German wall is broken by the people the world over then how and why this president is asking for another wall dividing America and Mexico. Then another statement says that immigrants from seven Muslim nations are banned from entering America. One can say that these seven nations are centres of terrorism so the President wants no one from any of these nations to use visa and make entry into his country, for that purpose this order was necessary. And every nation has right to defend her borders and do arrangements for the safety of her people. On that count he is not wrong one may plead. This argument will not stand when all the nations have already signed treaty of World Trade Organisation for which smooth entry of people is essential. America as a nation had taken lead to bring all the nations closer and together for converting entire world into one market. This decision of banning seven nations appears that America is not keeping her words. So, leaders of world think that the decision is wrong. Trump is facing criticism in his own nation also for many an American feels that banning every citizen is undemocratic. They feel that it is inhuman also.
Trump is not in favour of American multinational companies to open units in other nations, he wants them to start business in America and give employment to locals. The new President is against outsourcing also. To discourage that he wants to change H-I B rules under which Indians and other Asians take to job in America. Now it would be difficult for the IT companies to employ fresh candidates because according to the new order now minimum one lakh thirty thousand dollars have to be paid, as salary, the limit previously was hardly sixty six thousands. With this order appointing people would be costlier, so, companies may stop giving jobs to others. We are worried for our middle class young people who are mad after American jobs. And already there are many working in that country. They have started fearing whether it is their turn next because what may happen is not known to anyone except the great president of America. The new president does not see anything good in his predecessor’s health care. He is thinking to take it back very soon. He has made his mind clear on that also. He is also not happy with the America-Iran nuclear pact and Iran is also included in the ban of seven nations. If this happens then the pacts signed among different countries would be valueless and treaties will carry no weight.
The new President does not want funding of NATO by his nation. He feels that what his country pays does not get in return. He is right but he must know that role and status of his nation in the world is that of a lord or a king and without American suggestions nothing happens anywhere. But, that is another question. Donald Trump is going to write a new story for his nation is a fact. He wants America to get more from the world, he feels that Americans give and pay more than required for others’ well being and in doing so they suffer a lot. He, therefore, wants to change all the equations. All have to look forward and wait for the time when his policies and programmes take real shape. His love for his nation is commendable but the American President must love not only his nation but also all the nations of the world. Carlyle has said “A leader is a leader for all the times.” America is the leader of the world for all the time so policies should accordingly be framed. World thinks. .  .

The views expressed in the article are author’s own.



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