The nightmare – By Soumya Sridhi

Soumya Sridhi

The bell rang and the ma’am came with a new student. Introducing herself she disclosed her name as Maria. Studying in Class Sixth, she was much beautiful and intelligent. She was answerable to every question put by the teacher. She worked from her finger to the bone to get good marks and make the first impression good in front of the teachers and the students.

Every coin has two sides. Thus, everyone having a positive side has at least one negative side too. The only negative point in Maria was, that she was ‘short tempered’.

It was the fourth period when the break had just concluded. The teacher came and talked of a surprise test. She asked the first question to Ishita, the biggest enemy of Maria. Ishita being blanked was punished and at that time Maria answered the question quite efficiently. The teacher gave the example of Maria to Ishita and the period was over. Ishita once again was mocked and Maria was praised.


One foggy day, there was a party called up where all the students including Maria and Ishita came. Once again, due to some reason, Maria and Ishita were seen red. Fighting, they went up to the terrace and none of the two could see the water spilt over there. Ya, you won’t believe and Ishita slipped off the terrace and……died. Maria burst into tears. She had a sinking feeling. Soon, the party was declared close and everyone went when Maria broke the news that she will be alone at home for two weeks. Maria was depressed, still after a few days everything became normal as usual.

Maria doesn’t believe in ghosts but the tinkering of cup and shattering of things made her scared. She had retired early to bed after a tiring day. She woke up from her sleep on hearing a loud explosion. Hesitantly, she took up the torch and switched on the lights and called out loudly, “who is there?” She walked around the house but found nothing. She heaved a sigh of relief and sat on bed, trying to think that it must be a myth. The night passed with a bit of fear.

It was early morning at 6:30 a.m. The rain was pattering on the roof of the bus stop and Maria, all alone, was waiting for the bus when she shuddered at a strange sight. A bus was rolling down the street of nowhere. It was lighted inside and was of a weird shape. It seemed broad and short in length at a glance while the next moment it became thin and long. On it was written in an eligible handwriting with red ink- ‘Be ready to enter the world of sadness, Maria. You are the reason of my death. Yes, I am Ishita.’ At last when the bus turned back, it was written there- ‘I will come back soon.’

“I will come back soon”, this voice was ringing in Maria’s whole sense organs. You can imagine what will be the situation of Maria. She was strongly upset. She felt blue. She cried her eyes out. She was thinking all of the time of Ishita. She tried to call her parents but their phone was not reachable as they were out of country.

The next morning, Maria was ready for school though her heart was sinking out. Her face was like a wet weekend. The spirit sat and watched the girl on the other side of the mirror. Despite being dead for only a short time, it felt like an eternity. Maria was frozen with fear. She didn’t know that this day would also come.

Suddenly she heard a voice ‘Wake up, Maria it’s time now.’ She then understood that it was a dream. She loosened her stiff posture and briefly blower the head. She still can’t consider it a dream. She felt relaxed and then prayed to god for Ishita’s soul to rest in peace. She also tried her best to remove the only nail in the coffin i.e. her being short tempered. Then all of them lived happily.

Note-Soumya Sridhi (13 years) is a student of Class-VIII.



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