Non-subsidised LPG prices crash across the country


LPG  (liquefied petroleum gas) or cooking gas prices have been lowered. Non-subsidised LPG prices have been lowered by Rs. 35-36 per cylinder (14.2 kilograms), while subsidised LPG prices were decreased by up to Rs. 1.77 per cylinder across the four metros. Effective April 01, 2018, non-subsidised LPG will cost Rs. 653.5 per cylinder in Delhi, Rs. 676 per cylinder in Kolkata, Rs. 625 per cylinder in Mumbai and Rs. 663.5 per cylinder in Chennai, according to Indian Oil Corporation’s website – Of course. It comes as a relief to the millions of consumers across the country that are currently faced with an all-time high oil prices.


While subsidised LPG prices are lower by Rs. 35.5 per cylinder in Delhi and Kolkata compared with existing prices, they are down Rs. 36 per cylinder in Mumbai and Chennai.


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