Parents Awake!


Parents are in the habit of giving shelter to their children under the canopy of their emotional care. My dear parents is it not a matter of ridicule, if you confine your growing child under the veneer of your sentimental and emotional care? Then, you are not to be considered as an ideal parent, because you keep your ward away from the very exposure of natural course of lifestyle. How long would you like to give shelter to your loving child? Let him be alone; allow him get out of your affectionate bond. He may be allowed to go anywhere as his wish, either in shoes or in bare footed-simply puff out the matter and get tension free about him. Let him know how hard the world is.
However, you should aware of his activities. Steering of his activities should be under your control. Recall your days when you were young like your child- never had the amount of exposure and challenges, as your child has to face today. It is our misconception that scorching summer, chilly winter or rainy season will affect our children’s health adversely. Allow them to enjoying the beauty of the seasons in the lap of the nature. Sorry to say that by shortening the working days or school timing; ultimately affects the child’s learning and enhance his intensity of carelessness. He gradually becomes susceptible. Children in this modern world have strong grasping power and inquisitiveness. They are in quest of knowledge. In every field, they wish to participate like an elderly person. They long for placing their opinion. Let their opinion be taken under consideration, if their views are overlooked, it may affect them adversely and they would take drastic steps. Committing suicide amongst teenagers has become a matter of deep concern. Teenagers are often found themselves in desperation. They never allow themselves to be captivated. On  Development of human being has to cross three stages of infancy, childhood and adolescence to get maturity or to play the role of an adult person. Adolescence is the most concerning stage amongst the three. It is seen that teenagers revolt against strict discipline. The taste of independent reading is found in boys and girls. They appreciate books of different tastes. They have a bag full of questions on spiritualism. They want to know about God, man, hell, heaven, sin, life and death. They throw queer questions before parents. If parents try to get rid of, perplex situation of answering such questions, their wards act capriciously, which indeed would prove harmful. Instead of fleeing from such awkward position, parents should content them with suitable and logical answers. They should surf internet or books. Keep in mind that adolescence is fragile, sentimental and stubborn. Children increase in vocabulary and knowledge of language. They develop their own secret codes/languages. They never hesitate to utter words of vituperation before parents.
In such occasion, elders should control over their nerve and make them understand the negativity of such utterances. Dear parents, abstain from showing strict parenthood. Keep in your mind that liberty is the first condition of growth. If parents say they will chalk out the future of their wards, it would affect their future. Let them be equipped themselves for the struggle for life. Let them be the master of their life. Parental affection is necessary. However, affection ought not to be such extents that lead the life of the blooming bud into obscurity. Capricious demands of children should not be entertained. Let him to be mingled with the world of competition. Make him bold and hard like a shield to face any situations. So, dear parents, wake up, and prepare your child weather proof for tomorrow.



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