Public petition filed against new government in HC


As many as two public petitions have been filed against new government in the Patna High Court separately so far, saying that no direction of Supreme Court was followed by Governer Keshri Nath Tripathi in offering to form new government. The first petition has been filed by advocate Dinesh Khurpiwala. He said in his petition that Governor Keshri Nath Tripathi did not follow directives of Constitution to form new government under the leadership of Nitish Kumar. High Court will start hearing  on the petition on Monday.

Petitioner urged in his petition that Nitish dissolved the cabinet by his resignation. In this condition, the largest party must have been offered to form new government by the Governor as per Constitution. In case the largest party was unable to prove majority, then in that case only the second largest party should have been offered to form govenment. However, the governor didn’t do so, the petition said.

Dinesh has filed the petition on behalf of state leader of Samajwadi Party. Another petition was filed by an RJD MLA. He also gave reference of Supreme Court older.


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