Rahul Dravid – The Conscience of Indian Cricket


Indian colts are the world champs!! Congratulations boys!! This is the moment to reflect upon the team’s coach – Rahul Dravid.

There cannot be a better coach and mentor than Rahul, the most affable and genuine human being! Rahul’s contribution to Indian cricket was always put at second place after Sachin’s in their playing days. No doubt that Sachin was a genius and was the hopes of millions…..but Rahul has saved and won more matches for India! He kept wickets for a long time in ODIs to lend balance to the team – that’s selflessness. While Sachin ruled the hearts and minds of Indians, Rahul kept pegging away towards the team’s interest.


That he always got second position can be seen from the fact that he got the Padma Vibhushan against Sachin’s Bharat Ratna!! But post-retirement, Rahul has proved that he is the real numero uno as far as Indian cricket is concerned. He could have been the coach of the senior team, he could have been a national selector, he could have been a star commentator or he could have been a member on one of the many committees of BCCI. But he chose to nurture young Indian cricketers on the ground. He chose to transfer his cricketing and moral skills to young cricketers of India. That’s toil and hard work! That’s commitment! And mind you, he makes less money as a coach than our senior team’s coach Ravi Shastri. Rahul Dravid has seen both defeat and victory of his young team but has kept on working with the boys. He is a true jewel of this country and a Ratna of Bharat!! May he continue to straddle Indian cricket like a harbinger of hope and faith for years to come!! I salute you Rahul !!

Post Script: The intention of the writer is not to take away anything from Sachin’s contribution to Indian cricket but to sensitise Indian cricket fans about the unparalleled greatness of a gentle giant called Rahul Dravid.

*The views expressed by the writer are purely personal

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Author is an IRS Officer of the Government of India and works at Delhi. He is a former cricketer of Odisha and East Zone having played in the Vijay Merchant, Vijay Hazare and Cooch Behar trophies. He even attended two junior India coaching camps at Bengaluru in the early 1990s under National Coach, the legendary late Shri Hanumanth Singh. Sobhan is a multi-faceted personality and is a cricketer, bureaucrat, philanthropist, writer, speaker and conscience-keeper in the same vein.



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