Rinhee Suberwal has a dream to conduct dance workshop across country


Meet a lady who has been dancing since the age of 1.5 years. Yes, Rinhee Suberwal is devoted her life to dance. She knows almost all the dance forms available in the country and the world over. It may be Indian classical form of dances like Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Odissi or western dance forms like Salsa, Ballet and Contemporary dance_you name them and Rinhee says that she has all it.

Currently, Rinhee is running a dance school in New Mumbai, named as RDC for past couple of months. He centre has carved a niche for itself while imparting dance training to the underprivileged students. She has been awarded with Lekh Laadki Prathisthan in 2017.


Here are 70 students who have enrolled with the centre at present. It shows the achievement she has made within a short span of 8 years.

Here lies the catch.

“When I started taking dance classes at my house in Belapur, I was having some 125 students with me and it was why we started looking for a separate venue to coach dance enthusiasts,” says Rihnee who, along with her business partner, Pramod Kumar, runs the dance school being run at a busy Mall.

Reasoning the reduction in number of students at her centre, she says that “Now we have become selective while enrolling students and we take only those aspirants who are genuinely interested.”


Want to know more about Rinhee?

Well, she started her career in Mumbai with the noted Bollywood actor, Hema Malini.

“I was associated with Hema Malini as an assistant director to assist her for endorsing products like Kent and Johnson,” she says.

Rinhee has also worked with ‘1920 Returns’ fame actor Sharad Kelkar. She has also woked with dancing sensation, Prabhu Deva. In fact, Rinhee was the first female brand ambassador of MSM, a brand owned by Prabhu Deva and his brothers, and she continued to be there between 2012-18.

Her journey to Bollywood started when Rinhee was 9 years old. She joined Shiamak Davar group and after honing her dance skills with Davar, she started assisting him. Rinhee is Visharad in Kathak and she has been a disciple of the Kathak danseus Padma Sharma, who is further a disciple of the Kathak dance doyens like Lachchhu Maharaj  and Birju Maharaj.

Rinhee has also taken dance training at Akada in Chembur, the centre which was kickstarted by the noted Bollywood actor of yesteryears, Ashok Kumar and was being run by his daughter, (Late) Priti Gangulee.

She has also had a brief stint with Marathi theatre when she was associated with Jaydev Hattangari, husband of noted actor, Rohini Hattangari. She has done 10 Marathi plays with Hattangari.

She has also learnt the thespian art from Actor Prepare, a centre run by well-known actor, Anupam Kher.

She is also one of the members of Indian Federation of Choreographes, Film and Television (IFTCA).

Talking about her business partner, who has been with her all through her career, she says that Pramod Kumar is a portfolio photographer and he takes care of all the events conducted by the centre.

Her list of achievements is quite long. Rinhee choreographed two films with Prabhu Deva_’Baba Blackship featuring Sunny Leoni and ‘One Night Stop’ in 2016. For the film ‘Baba Blackship’, she had choreographed for the actors of ‘Baba Blackship’-Manish Paul and Manjari Phadnis.

Once Rinhee hand been invited by DAV School (Bhilai) to advise its students on dance. The result was that Shagun, one of the students of the school, stood fourth in the ‘Super Duper’ dance program.

Vartika Jha, associate of Rinhee, is proud of being part of the show, ‘Dance Diwane’.

Rinhee’s message to the aspiring dancers” You don’t have to be the best, but you have to be different. Secondly, you have to be a trend-setter and not a follower.”  In future, she wants to conduct dance workshops across the country.


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