RPF & C Rly busts a kidnapping racket


RPF & C Rly busts a kidnapping racket Good work by RPF controlling room Mumbai ,C.Rly and RPF Dadar in providing proactive assistance to Goa Police in solving a Kidnapping case on 28 July by launching a search and locating the kidnapping accused and minor girl.

On the fateful day, at around  22.45 hrs RPF control room , Mumbai informed RPF Dadar that as information received from Police Stn Pernem, North Goa, an accussed named Abdul Alim Mia aged 38 yrs, r/o Goa in a kidnaping case (minor girl named aged 16 yrs, r/o Perem North Goa) registered at their Police Stn ACR No. 117/18, u/s 363 IPC and 8(2) of Goa Childrens Act dated 26.07.18 have been tracked to Dadar station. The photographs of both, the accused and minor girl was also received through  whatsapp.

Lady SI Rekha Mishra immediately formed a team consisting of herself and ASI Tripathi, ASI Sitam PLT staff Kale, CT V S Varge, MSF lady staffSheetal Munde and Somnath Kadnar.

The team spread across dadar stn area and launched an intensive search which resulted in tracking the accused and minor girl at Dadar PF 5, kalyan end by lady SI Rekha Mishra at about 23:30 hrs.

The same was informed to control room and Goa Police PSI Sagar Dhatkar (Ph. 8411838564) who informed that he alongwith Goa Police team would be reaching Dadar stn to take their custody and also requested to keep them in safe custody of RPF Dadar.

Goa Police PSI and staff including Lady staff arrived at Dadar on 29.07.18 at about 5.10 hrs alongwith parents of the minor girl upon which the accused and minor girl was handed over to Goa Police by lady SI Rekha Mishra after procedural formalities.



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