Rs 21L goods recovered from 2 burglers


Rs 21L goods recovered from 2 burglers As the offences of House/Shop Breaking theft were on increase in the western suburbs of mumbai as many residents were out of the town on Diwali vacation raising an alarm of concern and threat amongst residents. Hence Unit- 9 staff looking in to situation took initiative and under the supervision of superiors formed teams and started visiting hideouts and keeping eye on the movements of bail -out history- sheeters engaged in such particular type of offences.In furtherance even local informers were alerted.
The efforts of unit staff emerged fruitfully, when a common reliable informer of P.N – Warange & P.N – Raut tipped off a valuable information that some accused having previous criminal records are going to come to sell stolen/theft property in Motor Car at Qureshi Nagar, Bandra (W).In reference to received information Unit 9 Staff team laid trap at the said spot and skillfully nabbed two accused named Asif Akbar Khan Age-23 yrs and Kasif Husain Mahimi Age -17 yrs possessing Silver coloured car in were after searching the said car incriminating property worth approx Rs 21 lakh which consisted of jewelleries,Cash,T.V, Coolers, Mobile phones, American Dollars and make-up and documents were found.
After taking them in to  custody and interrogating them they confessed that the recovered property is theft /Stolen property. They also further confessed that they have committed almost 35 offences of HBT and thefts in  the jurisdiction of Bandra , Mahim, Nirmalnagar,Pydhonie,and Bandra Railway.
The accused will be handed over to Bandra Police Station


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