Rustomjee hosts first ever Open Air movie screening in Thane


Urbania, Majiwada, Thane (West) hosted the first ever open air screening of a children’s movie in Thane. The event was held at the Rustomjee Cambridge International School, in conjunction with ‘Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development’ which is located in the Urbania township, on Saturday, 18th November 2017.

With over 600 people attending the screening, there was a carnival like atmosphere at the school on the evening of 18thNovember. Rustomjee Urbania, in its typical thoughtful manner, had made provisions not only for screening the movie but also ensured that everyone who came there had an enjoyable time even prior to the show. Kids were thrilled to get to meet one of their favourite characters, Mickey Mouse!  Volkswagen, who was the partner for the event, was also showcasing their latest models which attracted a lot of attention from those who had gathered there.  Stalls for candy floss, drinks and of course, pop corn created the right mood for the screening.

The movie chosen for the screening was Pappu Ki Pugdandi, a critically acclaimed film and has been appreciated at international film festivals worldwide including the TIFF Kids Film Festival and the Cairo International Film Festival.  The story is of a young boy, Pappu, who belongs to a lower middle-class family. He faces adjustment issues in his new school as his rich classmates make fun of his humble background. When young Pappu meets a genie, he thinks all his problems will be taken care of but the genie had had other plans for him which make Pappu realize that there are no shortcuts to happiness and he identifies his own strength.

The movie got a tremendous response from all those who had gathered for the open air screening. While the kids had a great time, one elderly lady reminisced, “I remember we used to go to Bandra, what is now BKC, to see the open air screening of movies in the drive in theatre there in the 1970’s. I am really amazed to see such a well organised open air screening in Thane. Also, while we had to battle the mosquitoes in Bandra, here the weather was so pleasant and no mosquitoes at all. My family and I really had a good time; it was a lovely way to spend the evening.”

Percy S Chowdhry, director, Rustomjee group, said while speaking about this latest initiative said, “The Open Air Movie screening is a novel experience not just for the children but for adults as well. At Rustomjee, we believe that children deserve a wholesome childhood. So across the city, our buildings have specially planned spaces for kids of all ages. Each square inch has been designed in partnership with renowned child experts, child psychologists, and of course, moms. According to research, childhood is the phase during which children express maximum curiosity and learn the most. It is the zest to explore, discover and interact with the world around them that defines their growing up years from toddler-hood to adolescence. Though a part of this learning process is instinctive, the other half depends on stimulation, motivation and the right environment provided by parents. And we as parents are forever anxious about our ability to ensure the best for our children, be it in education, performing arts or sports and games. This is where a concept like Leon’s World assumes importance, where children are given the opportunity to learn while having fun and being exposed to new experiences.”



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