Sanjay Raut to produce a biopic on George Fernandes

The movie will cover Fernandes’s life from his days in Mumbai as a union leader to being an important cog in Vajpayee-led NDA
While addressing a rally in Mumbai in 1972, as the state faced its worst drought of the century, socialist leader George Fernandes took a newspaper clipping out of his kurta’s pocket and read it out. The news was about a state cabinet minister celebrating the birthday of his dog. In an instant the mood at the rally changed and the air rent with anti-government slogans.
Those were the days of acute shortages and a well-oiled black market. Getting a kilo of wheat or sugar or a litre of kerosene from a ration shop used to be a Herculean task for ordinary folk. Fernandes knew what was hurting the people and he had mastered the art of turning such pain into explosive anger. This and many such events from Fernandes’s long and eventful political life – spanning his days as Mumbai’s most influential union leader who could bring the city to a grinding halt whenever he so wished to becoming one of the most important cogs in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee-led NDA government – will be brought alive on screen in a biopic to be produced by Shiv Sena leader and the executive editor of the party’s mouthpiece Saamna Sanjay Raut. The biopic is likely to hit the screens in 2021.



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