A section of Dawoodi Bohra women come out in support of khafz

At a time when women from the Dawoodi Bohra community’s war against female genital mutilation has reached a crucial stage, a section among them has come out strongly in support of the practice.
Less than three months after the Union government urged the Supreme Court to issue directives to curb female genital mutilation, a group of Dawoodi Bohra women, under the banner of Dawoodi Bohra Women’s Association for Religious Freedom, has filed an application in the apex court saying the ritual involves “circumcision and not mutilation”.
Pleading that it be made party to the public interest litigation (PIL) filed by Delhi-based advocate Sunita Tiwari in the Supreme Court in February last year against the Dawoodi Bohra practice of khafz, and on whose basis the Centre sought directives from the apex court, the women’s association said khafz was the community’s “integral religious practice to achieve purity and cleanliness”. Meanwhile, Shah Bano, who had filed petition in the he Apex court in nineties, has joined BJP.


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