‘Swara was the best suited to play the lead for the film Anarkali of Arrah: Avinash Das


The film, Anarkali of Arrah’, which hit the silver screen across the country on March 24 is receiving raving reviews from film critics for its original theme, good story and above all the lilting music. In this exclusive interview for Mitaan Express, the film’s director Avinash Das opens up his mind.

What advice would you like to give to the new age script writers?

First visualize the film in your mind, stay tuned to it and keep transcribing the same on the paper. Do not act on any of the suggestions. Even, pl don’t follow my suggestion for nothing what I have done because no, no, this is what has come to light now.

What about the distribution of the film which is very difficult, especially for a new director?

A producer must have ability to do so. The new director of the film takes Jhokhim (Risk). Once the final print of the film producer is satisfied, then the initiative to release further enhances. Well, there are various ways available in which distribution job has to be undertaken and they are available on Google search. If you have got money until the completing of a film only and then you declare that you’ve no money, then problems will definitely haunt you. However, if the movie was outstanding one, then some of the distributors will surely rush towards lapping up your film.

Please tell us something about your newly released film “Anarkali of Arrah’.

‘Anarkali of Arrah’was released on March 24. It clashed with the release of two more big banner films, which include Anushka Sharma’s Phillauri and Abbas Mustan’s Machine which was released in the preceding week. Still, we are betting high on our film

Is it good to pen script, dialogue and give direction by yourself alone or it is better to distribute these jobs among different people?.

It all depends on the director how he is comfortable with.

How challenging it was to venture into direction even without having undergone a thorough training?

Here the bottomline is how much sensible you are. Then it comes to manifestation of the power of physical imagination you have. Of course, training is a good thing, the only thing that it often helps you in preparing yourself in technical aspects alone. A director’s main job is to imagine and then he prepares a team for execution of various jobs relating to the making of a film. Now, this becomes the job of the team to transform the director’s imagination into the creative work what a film was.

From where did you get the inspiration for the storyline of the film “Anarkali of Attah”?

Well, the idea flashed to mind while I was watching a video by Tarabano Faizabadi on You Tube.

Who is your role model in film direction?

Yes, for this film, I’ve taken the inspiration from all the directors whose films I have ever watched in past.

Originally the title of the film was ‘Anarkali Arrahwalli’. So why did you change its title to “Anarkali of Arrah’?

We tried hard to get us to the Anarkali Arawali name, but in vain. Then came many other names, such as the Desi Pop and Anarkali The Queen. Finally we decided to keep the title as ‘Anarkali of Arrah’ as the story of the film demanded to have Arrah in the film’s title as a must. But had to mention the name of the Jigsaw Jigsaw hence we kept of Anarkali.

What’s so special in the movie? I mean what is its USP?

The interesting aspects related to film are galore. First of all, there is no such film available with us which was made on a street singer. The other important aspect is its having a local theme. The language of the entire film has been made on the basis of the same as is spoken by the people living in Bihar. Moreover, the music of the film is unique of its own kind which is being promoted by Zee Music.

Why did you choose Arrah only rather than other districts of Bihar like Darbahnga and Madhubani?

The simple reason being that there is no tradition of having a street singer in other aprts of Bihar, except central Bihar and hence I chose Arrah district for the set of the film.

Why did you select Swara Bhaskar in the lead role for the film? How many artists from Bihar have worked for the film?

We zeroed in on Swara as no other actor could have done justice with the character other than Swara. More than 90 per cent of the artists in the film hail from Bihar.



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