Syn Bank staff to protest against merger

The meeting of the Board of Directors of our Bank is scheduled to be held on 13 September at Corporate Office Bangalore to consider the proposal of merger of our Bank with Canara Bank. 
We, both SBOA & SBEU, have already communicated seperately, our opposition to merger proposal to the Management and have requested them to honour the sentiments of the employees and to reject the merger proposal. Many eminent personalities and experts  have also given their opinion that the proposed merger of banks can not solve the problems before the country and is only a worthless exercise. The employees have also sent seperate joint representations to all the Directors of the Bank opposing the merger proposal. But it appears that the Management is under pressure to accept the merger proposal and get the necessary resolution passed by the Board, the union statement said.
Hence in order to register our protest and to draw the attention of the Management and the public to the sentiments of the employees and also to the opinion of the experts and show our unity and solidarity against the merger proposal, it is decided to have the following protest programmes jointly by SBOA & SBEU on Board Meeting day i.e. 13.09.2019, it added.
All officers and workmen throughout out the country will wear black badges / black ribbons as a mark of protest.
Massive Demonstrations of all section of employees will be held under the joint banners of SBOA & SBEU at 9 am on13 Sept in front of Corporate Office Bangalore and all the ZOs & ROs. Demonstration before CO Bangalore will be led by the President and General Secretary of SBOA and SBEU.
We request all members to wear black badges / black ribbons on 13.09.2019.
Further , the statement said, we request all  members working in Bangalore to participate in the Demonstration to be held before Corporate Office and those working in other parts, to participate in the demonstration in front of their respective ZO/ RO and make the programme a grand success. 
It is heartening that the Retirees organisation SBPRA has also extended their support and have called upon their members to participate in the demonstration to be held at their respective places. Hence we request the members at all centres to involve the retirees also in the proposed demonstrations, it said.


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