Teachers as leaders


Teacher is like a helmsman who steers the life-boat of a student to the right direction. The duty of pedagogue is not to be confined to impart bookish knowledge besides he should instil the necessity and the value of education amongst students. Moreover, the teacher should help his students to stand fast with conviction to face any sorts of challenges. He is the ocean of virtues. His advent is to confer nobility, and he ought to engross how he can shape his students as a real human beings.
Swami Vivekananda proclai-med that students are the backbone of the society. An ideal student is like a torch who can show the right path when society wanders in the world of obscurity. Such righteousness among students can be proliferated to only by a perseverant and honest teacher. The relationship between a teacher and a student is eternal. India is quite fortunate that its soil is pious because of the induction of eminent Gurus. The teachings of The Ramayana, The Bhagwata, The Geeta etc., admires the necessities of Guru splendidly.  Teacher should be the owner of placidity, gentility and tenderness. His pupil should fascinate him because an abode of teacher is nothing else but in the heart of student. If teacher is boorish, his pupil will concern to come with questions. “When we garland the portrait of Dr Radhakrishnan, our heart brims with contentment. Though he is not with us, yet the aura of his amiable countenance proves that his existence is still effulgent among the emerging teachers, and ready to confer noble and new ideas of teachings. Such rare teachers ever have born yet who can teach the real meaning of education. It is our duty, as teachers, to follow his ideology. He was not only a teacher but  also a stalwart leader of India.” Everything has changed during the passage of time. The methodology of teaching acumen has changed at par. Interactive teaching has been introduced in lieu of simple Lecture method. The present era children are quite impulsive. They do not support the old-fashioned parrot-learning, and also resist on the crucial aspect that his teacher should not chide him in the classroom. Deliverance of vituperating words, and threatening with stick, will form nothing but a trench between the venerable relationship of teacher and student, consequently, interaction will be a far cry; and teacher will fail to forge his student according to the need of the society.
Thus, the teacher will be considered an incapable artisan. Modern world is passing through the narrow passage of cutthroat competition in which everyone is trying to set up one’s own identity by testifying one’s ability. Swami Vivekananda’s teachings, especially for students, act as tonic that stimulates the power of curiosity. The citation of the great monk persistently evokes the young-brain with competitiveness. Competitiveness is the stepping-stone for success. It should be imbibed in by dint of inculcating the virtue of self-realization of one’s acumen. Competitiveness cannot be developed unless activeness on the part of learner (student) is cultivated. Teacher should impart his teaching by means of ‘Motivation’, as it is one of the features that empowers optimism in students. Positive thinking leads students to the path of success; on the contrary, negative one takes them to the way of dissolution. Therefore, teacher should nurture the virtue of positivity since childhood. Teacher should inspire his student to take active participation in debate, which will be fruitful for students in future for decision-making. For development of thinking, the teacher should widen the sense of responsibility in the students, along with the tendency to discuss. Teacher should conduct class on  Mental Assessment, which is the quintessential aspect of testifying one’s power of reasoning. Mental assessment will develop self-confidence, which is the core objective. A good teacher would be a good leader if he cultivates the latent acumen of every student, when his student is mere bud, in such a way so that he can face any crucial situations with competitive and authoritative bent of mind. It is a matter of deep concern that the modern society has lost a meaning full leader, who can lead the society in right direction, and can ameliorate the existing society as a paradigm before the world. Who can be a good leader? It is none other than a teacher because teacher can easily assess his students who can march ahead with firm conviction. A nation needs a good teacher who can be a true leader. Students are in capable of performing any sorts of herculean tasks if a truthful chieftain properly pioneers them. Political and social turmoil have become a sore throat for India. The nation is passing through tribulation.
Defense is rendering its own duty, but, as far as protection of nation is concerned, it ought not to be included within the ambit of military –students (young blood) involvement is part and parcel. To produce a student of patriotic bent of mind, who is ready to relinquish everything selflessly and plunge himself for the service of his motherland, pedagogue’s infusion is quite necessary. Such teacher would be, then, consider a true leader. The very name of the great martyr Surya Sen of Bengal, popularly known as Master Da, was a schoolmaster, who inspired Pritilata Waddedar and Loknath Bal radiantly to involve dashingly in the freedom movement. Surya Sen was accused of leading the act of looting Chitagaon (presently in Bangla Desh) Arsenal and was sent to Kalapani, and thereafter he was hanged. Such a teacher is to be venerated. Sheela Agrawal, Hindi Professor of a renowned college, induced renowned writer Mannu Bhandari to associate with freedom struggle. There were innumerable teachers of the then India who were like Master Da Surya Sen and Sheela Agrawal. India is in need of the active participation of students because to cope up with the menace of Kashmir Issue. How long will soldiers keep vigil? The nation does not belong to them only. The duty of civilians is also to stand beside the defense and to face the terrorist attack. Not only the active participation of students is necessary but also the teachers’ involvement is at par. It is the duty of teachers to inculcate the feeling of patriotism in students. Besides academic education, endowment of the feeling of patriotism is quite vital.  Then, a teacher can able to fulfil the dream of Swami Vivekananda that he had envisaged. Students of present generation have a propensity to fly abroad for better settlement. Why brain drain is nakedly supportive? It is to be admonished. They born and brought up in India, but they sell their brain in America! Is it not a subject of deep concern?  How can they feel about the necessity of theirs in India? It is the prime duty of teachers to check them going to abroad. Teachers should develop students’ mentality since childhood that they are Indians. They have many responsibilities for their nation. The design of textbooks (English & Hindi) should be changed. Besides other stories and poems, sixty per cent chapters should cover the life stories of eminent martyrs and leaders, like Vir Swarkar, Shahid Bhagat Singh, Shaid Khudiram Bose, History of Kalapani etc. Poems based on patriotism, which will directly draw an impact on students. It will not be out of place if it is said that modern education has brought a wide change with an aim of close interaction between teacher and student. Audio-visual classrooms have prepared in most of the schools, which has facilitated students to understand the concept of the chapters. Different activities are conducted to empower the self-confidence, which is praiseworthy. The modern teaching acumen is under justification, but the above-stated views, pertaining to checking of brain drain and inculcating the feeling of patriotism is utmost necessary.

The views expressed in the Article are author’s own.


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