The Menace of Superstitions


India is the land of saints and prophets where spiritualism is the outstanding component that has been accepted universally. Advent of several eminent elevated souls fashioned the soil of India pious. Sermon of such saints has provided a new horizon of spiritualism, and as such India has been recognized mostly the land of sanctity. However, the said one is the only country where people from different religions, caste, creed and colour live under the canopy of oneness. Integrity among diversity is the sole doctrine, running in the veins of Indians. Temples, mosques, churches and gurudwaras exist in such a way that seem different flowers of cult, entwined in a string of devotion irrespective of discrimination. The heart of every Indian is brimmed with the elixir of fraternity, and as such, spiritual prosperity prevails throughout the length and breadth of the said nation. Therefore, India is undoubtedly an epitome of probity. Although the nation is galloping with an aim of achieving the pinnacle of supremacy in all respects of development, yet it is encompassed by social stigma of ‘Superstitions’, which is undoubtedly a subject of deep concern.
The vampire of superstitions has sucked in Indian’s maxim of faith on religions. The menace of superstitions is in practice, especially in remote, where illiteracy has stalked about vehemently. Tribal zone is badly affected by the menace of superstitions. Hallucination has been dominating over the very sentiments of grass- root section. The peril of vagary has made man self-centred, narrow-minded and bigoted. Two years ago, a fearsome and barbaric incident took place in a nearby village of Bhilai. A boy of hardly five or six years was abducted from the courtyard while playing by an occultist couple that forcefully dragged the innocent boy before the deity of Goddess Kali. The boy was undergone heinous ritual, which is a religious taboo, thereafter the boy was slaughtered. The slayers performed such abominable act because of the fulfilment of their votive. However,the tantric couple was arrested and penalized with capital punishment. Another heart-rendering incident of immolation took place nearby Chhattisgarh – Jharkhand border where a dead body of a young boy of sixteen, mark of vermilion on forehead –garlanded, was found in a paddy field. His throat was found reaped. The deceased was wearing shirt and trouser. Villagers revealed that such immolation takes place when distress knocks at one’s door. However, such atypical act could usher contentment not only in one’s home but also in entire village is arcadian’s belief.  It is really a contrast picture India is dreaming to ply high speed train; advancing in modern technology on the contrary, the menace of superstitions engulfing wisdom.
It is undoubtedly a matter of deep concern. Govt. of India must look into the matter and enforce a draconian law to stop the nuisance. It is true that the culprits are taken behind the bars and are awarded punishment, yet the practice is going on behind the curtain. It is high time for every Indian to ponder over the nuisance of superstitions. It is a prime duty to inculcate the sense of nobility in village folk. Moreover, they should be given education so that they may understand what their discretion wants to teach them. We should motivate them to get rid of the cruel clutch of vagary and black magic with the help of ‘Nukkad Natak’, ‘Documentary Film’ etc. We should make them understand that fallacy has no place in real life. It will fragment one’s life.


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