There is a paradigm shift in all spheres of communication-Ajai Agarwal

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″] [et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] Ajai Agarwal wears a number of caps of glory at a time and thus he can be termed as a man with versatile personality. A former banker with an illustrious career, Agarwal is currently working as a vice president-corporate relations for CBSL group of companies. An ex-national president, Public Relations Council of India. Last but not the least, he is the advisor for SME Chamber of India for the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It was sometime back when Agarwal had delivered lecture to 66 IAS officers from 26 States on the topic Public Relations & Media in MCR HRD institute, Govt of Telangana which was well received by all the participants of the event.

A state-level hockey player in past, Agarwal is full of sportsman’s spirit. Whoever meets him once, becomes his friend for ever, that is the rare quality that Agarwal possesses.

Agarwal is likely to become the national president of the soon-to-be-launched International Chamber of Public Relations (ICPR) which is going to be a cut above the rest professional body of public relations, communication, advertising, public relations academics and other allied services. ICPR will aim at enriching professional development and networking opportunities for higher standards by conducting workshops, holding conventions (both global and national), seminars at regular intervals through its chapters spread across the country and abroad. ICPR will provide industry professionals an opportunity to serve their community by encouraging high ethical standards in their  respective areas of work.

Ajai Kumar Agarwal-A brief intro
Qualifications-B.Sc, LLB, PG Diploma in PR, MS-PR
– Vice President-Corporate Relations, CBSL group of companies
-Ex National President, Public Relations Council Of India
-Advisor SME Chamber of India for the States of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh.
-Ex. Head corporate communications, central Bank of India
– Delivered lecture to 66 IAS officers from 26 States on the topic Public Relations & Media in MCR HRD institute, Govt of Telangana
-Invited as Keynote Speaker in an international Conference on Media, Politics & Democracy in Rome & also to give lecture to students of Luiss University Rome on Crisis communication.
– Director Eye Poppers Consulting Pvt Ltd
-Vice President International Vaish Federation,AP & Telangana
-Vice President Friends Of Tribal Society (Ekal Vidyalaya) Telangana
-President Agarwal Samaj Srinagar Colony 2015-17
-Received many National/International/State Awards.
– Visiting guest faculty to many universities like Osmania Univ, Rajasthan Univ, Agra Univ etc,
– State Hockey player UP, Univ. Captain Kho Kho & qualified Hockey Umpire.


“We are seeing a paradigm shift in all spheres of communication,” Agarwal told Mitaan Express in an exclusive interview.

Agarwal believes that digital media is not preserving the pillars of truth, transparency and equality as compared to traditional media.

Commenting on generation gap in the PR industry, he said that with the advent of technology the way PR is being conducted has changed. The younger generation is more adept in using the social media to build public relations either professionals or in their personal lives.

He further says that this is the age of technological explosion.

“Digital and social media have taken an upper hand in the field of communication, but the total population still includes people who belong to the older generation. Digital might have made the things easier, but the charm of reading a newspaper with the morning tea cannot be substituted. Similarly, reading a book versus reading on a tablet are two different experiences and a large section of the population still prefers the former. Moreover, technology has not yet been able to touch the lives of the people living in rural areas where the traditional media still rules the roost. So, I do believe that the future of traditional media is still bright, he says.

Talking about CSR, Agarwal says that CSR is a new mantra for PR professionals and this can help PR professionals enhance the image of the organisation by doing social services to the society at large.

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