Today’s youth must know what happened in Emergency – Modi

PM Narendra Modi, while addressing on the Dark Days of Emergency at Birla Matoshri Auditorium, Mumbai called up today’s youth to know what had exactly happened during Emergency days.
“We are not observing black day(Emergency) just to criticize the Congress, we want to make the youth of today aware of what happened”,  PM Modi said.
Today’s youth, he said, do not have an idea of what happened during Emergency. They will not realise the how living without freedoms can be.
*We aim to create awareness among the youth of the country today,” Modi said.
According to Modi, whenever the family has feared losing its position, it keeps shouting that the Country is in crisis and there is an atmosphere of fear.
Constitution was used for the gains of ‘family’; everything was done very cleverly remaining within the limits of Constitution.
Emergency ., Modi said, a black spot in our history. The judiciary of the nation was so much afraid that whoever wanted to save the constitution, they were in trouble.
They never imagined that corruption charge could be framed against them in court and they would have to seek bail. So now they are trying to scare the judiciary by bringing impeachment motion. Their mentality now is the same as it was during Emergency, the PM said.
“I respect veteran journalist Kuldip Nayar ji, he fought for freedom during emergency, he maybe a harsh critic of us but I salute him for this,” he added.


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