UK-based Indian origin lawyer Sarosh Zariwala to attend SPIEF along with PM Modi


Renowned international lawyer Sarosh Zaiwalla, Founder of Zaiwalla & Co., has been invited by the Deputy Prime Minster of Russia  Sergei Prikhodko,  to attend the prestigious St Petersburg International Economic Forum 2017 (SPIEF), held between 1-3 June 2017 in Russia’s second-largest city, often also regarded as the country’s cultural capital.

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to attend the forum as the Guest of Honour, which will also see the Russian President Vladimir Putin and Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern in attendance. With 39 ministers from 26 countries participating in the forum, and a total estimated number of participants including businessmen and representatives of various international governments touted to reach 5,000, the SPIEF is known to be a major deal-making event, with $17 billion worth of deals not subject to commercial secrecy made in 2016. Incidentally, 2017 also marks 70 years of Indo – Russian relations, leading to Russia dedicating India as the guest country for this year’s forum.

Zaiwalla & Co., headquartered in London U.K., known for their expertise in International arbitration and litigation, had successfully represented the Russian government and allied organisations including oil giant ROSNEFT, against western imposed sanctions. Zaiwalla & Co. continues to closely work with Russia, tying together their international expertise in the legal space across the world, with the firm having also represented various high profile clients such as the Chinese government, Iran’s Bank Mellat, the Dalai Lama, the Gandhi family and the Bachchans in India.

Representing Zaiwalla & Co. at the forum in the presence of Narendra Modi and other Russian dignitaries including President Putin, will be Sarosh Zaiwalla–Founder & Senior Partner, and Pavani Reddy – Managing Partner of the law firm.

Speaking about the participation at the SPIEF 2017, Sarosh Zaiwalla said, “The St Petersburg International Economic Forum 2017 (SPIEF) is by far the largest conclave of an alternate world economy, delivering an on par influence and impact such as the annual World Economic Forum. The forum wields considerable soft power, countering the dominance of western economies, allowing for a regional cooperation with some of the significant world players such as India and China. This year is of even greater significance, as it marks 70 years of Indo – Russian special relationship, and Russia has indicated the immense value it holds for India, having invited the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the Guest of Honour, along with naming India as the guest country for the forum.”

On India’ special relationship with Russia and the potential it holds, Pavani Reddy said, “India and Russia have always remained as all-weather allies, having cooperated and convened on significant bilateral co-operations. With the current geo-political atmosphere, this bilateral relationship also offers a sturdy foundation to curtail regional dominance, especially for India’s hostile neighbours. The potential for expanding business partnership between both the countries is also significant, as India seeks to push the ‘Make in India’ initiative promoted by PM Modi. For instance, our firm which has worked closely with the Russian government, and heavily operates across the world, is seeking to expand further into India, drawing on the historic partnership.”


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