“This victory is for united India”- Narendra Modi


The lead stories of all newspapers will explicitly describe the grand mandate delivered recently in favour of Narendra Modi led NDA by Indian voters. Which is why, I have not written much about the phenomenal increase of BJP’s clout in the recently concluded Loksabha poll in India in this article.

Let me take an opportunity to share an insightful story for the benefit of our esteemed readers.

In April 2019, like millions of Indians, I too stood patiently in the serpentine queues at the polling centres in the scorching heat of Indian summer to cast a vote in an impressive balloting exercise – the Loksabha election of India. I reside in North-East Central suburb of Bhandup in Mumbai – an important electoral constituency. Its vast population comprises of a mix of affluent business fraternity, professionals, and also thousands of families living in expansive slum areas across in Eastern corridor of Mumbai.

At the polling booth, I thus had an opportunity to interact with my fellow-voters while waiting for my turn to cast the vote. After an hour-long conversation with them on April 29, 2019; I got a clear hint that again, the Narendra Modi-led NDA will be voted to power on May 23, 2019. It was an astounding experience for me. During the conversation, almost all literate voters took pride in NaMo’s macho attitude while dealing with Pakistan-sponsored terror operatives.  The slum dwellers were extremely happy with the NaMo led government’s welfare-schemes which benefitted millions of Indians living below-poverty-line between 2014 and 2019.  

As I write this editorial piece for ‘Mitaan Express’ at 9 pm IST sitting in my Mumbai residence, I hear loud bursts of fire crackers on the streets of Mumbai, I hear jubilant BJP workers raising patriotic slogans and also I hear the euphoric voices of BJP spokespersons on Indian TV channels.

And, it is very significant to note that the caste arithmetic in the state of Uttar Pradesh or UP has fallen flat on its face and the SP-BSP-RLD political coalition has nothing left to cheer about. In the past, the voters of UP have voted politicians to power primarily based on their caste-affiliations. Fortunately, ‘Brand Modi’ has dissolved that caste arithmetic in the recently concluded Loksabha election. The results of the elections have not only decimated the power of caste politics but have also put a question mark on the future of such an opportunistic alliance aimed to influence the voters on social fabric of the polity. 

However for an investigative journalist like me, this Loksabha election is not merely the story about NaMo’s second term. According to me, this election is a spectacular performance by millions of Indian voters whose maturity has excelled the image of brand ‘India’ across the globe.

Also, this election will be remembered as an exercise which dealt an irreversible blow to the brand ‘Gandhi’ considering Congress party’s dismal performance under the leadership of Rahul, Priyanka and Sonia Gandhi. This election is not only about an admirable electoral show put-up by Narendra Modi-Amit Shah juggernaut. This election is also about a mega-performer by the name of Smriti Irani who defeated Gandhi scion, Rahul in the constituency of Amethi in Uttar Pradesh with a huge margin.

The BJP led NDA has returned to power in India with a bigger majority in the Loksabha as it has secured more than 41 per cent of total votes. This means that the Modi wave has boosted the voting percentage of the BJP by over 10 per cent. The party had polled 31 per cent of the popular votes in 2014. Narendra Modi is also the first prime minister to return to power winning a bigger vote share for the party enjoying full single-party majority in the Loksabha since Jawaharlal Nehru’s victory in 1957 Loksabha election. Back then, Nehru’s Congress improved its vote share by 2.79 percentage points over 1951-52 polls.

At a pompous function in presence of BJP president Amit Shah and senior BJP politicians, and delivering his first address at BJP’s Head Quarter in New Delhi during evening hours after emerging victorious on May 23, 2019; PM Modi said, “After the battle of Mahabharata got over, Lord Krishna had said he was not on the side of Kauravas or Pandavas. HE stood in the battle field to defend Hastinapur. Today, Indians have voted me to power to defend India, Indians and the ideals of Hindustan. This victory of BJP is because of Indian citizens’ resolute to preserve patriotism.”

 “This victory is for united India”, added PM NaMo.

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