World’s first final rites kit – Made India


The only thing for every human being is scheduled and it is death. Yes, yes On the day that humans take the first breath in this world, the same thing – death – has been decided for them. After that, how many years after his
karma, fortune, etc. would you say it is a different thing.

At present, we give a fire to the dead body even in the twenty-first century. Looking at the last 50 to 60 years, one thing comes to the attention that people in smaller cities do not have the time to build or build skills. According to the current lifestyle, all the goods of Tinymi can be found at one place, at the same time, all under one roof. It is very

The two young brothers, Nitishbhai Mehta and Hetanbhai Dhruva, who have a deep thought, research, and can be used by everyone, have created this topic. Nitishbhai has discovered this fifteen-year-old US and Hitenbhai using the 11 years Singapore experience. The name of this kit is named “Sarupooja” – World’s First Final Rites Kit.


Folded in this Kit, the world’s top Bamboo specialist and designers – are 100% breadcraft made from Bamboo. Keeping in mind religious feelings of all, metals, plastic, alloys, favicols, etc. have not been used at all. The
idea of this kit and technology is patented. This nomenclature is suitable for a dead person, who weighs up to 150 kg, up to a height of 6 to 6 feet. To make the final rituals with the Tinyami, small items of more than 38 items, such as small quantities of large quantities, codia, 5 m white cloth, shawl, bast, abil, gulal, turmeric, kumku, rice, cow dung, cow dung, Ganga water, etc., is also available. These survey items are packaged in a 2 ‘x 2’ size box with a beautifully packaged. This kit is lightweight and can be easily transported from one place to another.

This Kit can be used for everyone, elderly, male, female etc.. Not only this but also people of every caste, religion, class like Gujarati, Marathi, Jain, Bengali, North and South Indian cultures can easily be used.

This kit will soon be available in small major cities of India. Apart from this, the KIT will also be available to overseas, where the NRIs, who wish to fulfill the final action of their saga according to our customs rituals.

It is a matter of pride that a young man of the society, Shri Niteshbhai Mehta, and Mr. Hetanbhai Dhruv have provided an important contribution in this direction. Many congratulations to Shri Niteshbhai and Shri Hiteenbhai
from societyl.



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