My Beti discusses Beti Bachao with all sections of society on 50/50 day


Live telecast to 74 countries

Dr Jawahar Surisetti’s MyBeti celebrated 50/50 day for gender equality with an intellectual session comprising of discussions and  interviews from all sections of society like the media , the aged , the school and college children , corporate and administrators along with housewives . The topic was “Are we equal ? “ In a day long interesting session conducted by noted educationist and psychologist Dr Jawahar Surisetti at RIS auditorium interspersed with videos of celebrities and women achievers .

In the first session , school children shared their opinions that the differentiation starts at home when boys are not asked where they go but the restrictions for girls apply and a lot of questions are asked . It was suggested that if questions were asked from both about their whereabouts then it would be justified instead of just the girls .

In the second discussion of the media personnel , the question was whether the media was aggravating the issue by sensationalizing rapes . Participants included Animesh Shukla , Shreya and Dr Kirti Sisodia and they argued that there is a societal responsibility to strengthen the legal system to act a s a deterrent to the crimes against women so that a message goes . One of the participants argued that the very fact that these existed even earlier and now are coming to light in the media shows that there is increasing empowerment and awareness in women .

In the third segment of school leaders , the increased instances of molestation of small kids in schools and buses was brought up to which the increase in coordination between schools and homes was emphasized so that what is happening in schools and homes and sensitization to good touch and bad touch needing to be reinforced in both places could be in a continuum in both places .

In the fourth segment of housewives and aged , the upbringing aspects and the discipline aspects which are fast losing ground and the time to be spent with children for emotional bonding were discussed to be the need of the hour.  There was also a discussion on the generational changes and the western influence on India and the pros and cons of it was discussed.


The session ended with  some innovative solutions by Dr Jawahar Surisetti , like Safe Campus programs for attitudinal changes in boys towards girls apart from self defense aspects . Unless boys and girls are treated equally at home and there is an example of equality at home and there is a removal of stereotyping attitudes in society that profess some careers and jobs to be suitable for men and not women need to slowly wean away  .


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