‘Your Own Thought’ by Ansuman Bhagat


Mumbai based casting director Ansuman Bhagat’s book, ‘Your Own Thought’ is primarily based on the motto: “Expose yourself to thinking’.

“This book provides an insight into a variety of issues,” said Bhagat.

The author has segregated his book on various topics including: The Realty, Success, Discrimination, Importance of Time, Meaning of GOD, etc.

Many young professionals working in Mumbai’s glittering entertainment industry have taken up passionate writing assignments in the recent past. Their passion for writing clearly depicts an expression of intellectual freedom prevalent in modern India.

Ansuman Bhagat

It’s rightly believed that writers are no different from painters, sculptors, or whatever: They create something out of nothing. They begin with the blank page, and on that page they draw people who never existed and make us not only believe they exist, but weep over their sorrows and laugh over their joys. They draw worlds that have never existed and could never exist and make us yearn to move there.

They weave ideas that change the way we view the world and treat our neighbors.

Further, each and every writer creates something uniquely his or her own. A writer who is an artist is one who not only creates something from nothing, but creates something unique from nothing. ‘Your Own Thought’ by young Mumbaikar, Ansuman Bhagat is indeed a creative attempt to create a literary concept.



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